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VOLIP bridges the need gap of Khuloud’s family

VOLIP bridges the need gap of Khuloud’s family

“I feel totally desperate whenever my kids were daily asking me about the time their father would turn home with the bread! I could not find an answer as he used to come back once with bread and several times with nothing. Working as a motorcycle driver, he was not able to even secure his daily need for insulin injections from his work that was not feasible due to the war’s economic impact.


I tried my best to help him but I failed, especially that I had dropped out from education at the elementary level. I was not aware that the key to my problem was at the hands of VOLIP that opened up the life horizons granting me training and access to the labor market. I, Khuloud Derwish of 22 years, finished the training course on bride beautification and started my work that has changed the course of my life and improved the living situation of my family, and stimulated my professional energy.


We live with our two children in Al-Zaidia town in Al-Hudaidah Governorate. When I talk about my experience, I remember the most painful moments when I stood helpless before my frustrated children unable to afford buying their festive clothes so they can play with the neighbor children Now, I was trained on (coiffure) and the fame of my experience spread across my community. My income is on the increase and thank God it reached YER45

thousand despite the lack of electricity and some equipment”.


Khuloud Derwish

Al-Zaidia Town, Al-Hudaidah Governorate

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