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Aljarah Taiz community launch long-awaited initiatives

Aljarah Taiz community launch long-awaited initiatives

The residents of Al-Jarah village are taking the initiative to put the concrete on the roof of the health unit in Al-Jarah sub-district in Almisrakh district #Taiz following being motivated and supported by the #SFD Empowerment for Local Development program #ELD as a step to build on the community's efforts to restore the needed services in the area.


At the beginning of the initiative, women and men began to lead the development work after they have unified their opinions and plans according to their needs. All agreed to be organized and go to the field of work and cooperation. They were able to convert all their inert resources into sources of utilization to serve the poor. Thus, many of their old dreams have become a reality during the worst times in #Yemen.

عذراً .. سيتم بث موقع الصندوق الإجتماعي للتنمية باللغة العربية قريباً