SFD launches five-month emergency ‎interventions in the war-torn Taiz city

SFD launches five-month emergency ‎interventions in the war-torn Taiz city
The relative improvement of funding has enabled ‎the SFD Cash-for-Work program to continue the ‎response to the war-‎triggered needs in and around the most ‎inflaming war fronts. ‎
While the program began to work in some affected ‎western coastal areas, it also has launched the ‎registration of the war-affected families residing in ‎all Taiz city districts (Salah, Al-Modhafar, Al-‎Qahirah and Al-Hawban) where violence and ‎displacement have been prevailing for nearly two ‎years. ‎
The program has opened one registration center ‎in each district, and the beneficiary households ‎will be later evaluated and selected based on the ‎program's criteria. They are planned to be ‎targeted by employment and development ‎interventions for maximum 5 months that ‎generate income, provide sustainable access to ‎food and health and environment protection such ‎as creating food producing household gardens, ‎rehabilitating public gardens and walls of public ‎facilities and removing building debris in the ‎streets, in addition to enhancing public health and ‎hygiene. ‎
In order to produce as effective impact as possible ‎for beneficiaries, the C-f-W program is committed ‎to special targeting criteria including prioritization ‎of targeting the most vulnerable social groups ‎including households headed by females and the ‎disabled, households of high food insecurity and ‎households without shelter.‎
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