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The Social Fund Remains a Development Pioneer for Us and for All Organizations

The Social Fund Remains a Development Pioneer for Us and for All Organizations
I graduated from the Faculty of Arts in 2006 with a specialization in Islamic Education.

After graduation I had the opportunity to be recruited as one of the trainees targeted by the SFD's RAWFD Program. I had no prior experience at either the personal or the developmental levels, even within my own village, and obtained a number of training courses in development concepts, P.R.A., and formation of development committees. This marked a new direction and a turning point in my life, and I was given the opportunity to work with the SFD in the field of community participation. It increased my knowledge and knowhow, and aided in my personal development, allowing me to convey the experience I gained to my community, as well as to raise awareness among my fellow-villagers.

I should also mention that I was also presented with opportunities to work with different agencies such as Partners' Organization, Project of Improving Community Conditions, and the Yemen Center for Measuring Public Opinion. These opportunities are in addition to the opportunities to participate in training courses abroad (Lebanon) in the field of dispute management and its relation to the development process.

At present, I work as the manager of the Urgent Safety Network in Mareb Governorate. This network is affiliated with the Islamic Relief Organization (The good thing is that during the implementation of projects I have to conduct a feasibility study to determine the extent of success of a certain project and to find out whether the project is likely to be affected by disputes.)

By working with the organizations I can say – without exaggeration – that all organizations continue to extract their expertise from the expertise of the SFD. Hence the SFD continues to be a pioneer in the development field.

Last but not least, without the SFD and the courses it offered and from which we benefited, I would not have attained the knowhow, skills and potential for analyzing community situations even at the personal level. I have also overcome the fear hurdle, and ceased to be dependent on others.

Now I can work anywhere, thanks to God, and thanks to the training provided to me by the SFD. I possess qualifications and coursework that I can show to any organization, and I am proud of that.

So to the SFD and also to its working staff, I express all my respect and gratitude.

Ali Saleh Ali Sa'eed, born in Al-Jawf Governorate (Barat Rajouzda District) in 1982

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