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Educator Monifi destroys house of the devil

Educator Monifi destroys house of the devil

The population of a village in Aldahi district (#AlHodeida#Yemen had the culture that the devil takes away or hurts any child who enters a latrine. So houses of the entire community did not have latrines. The community called latrine the "house of the devil", and they used to practice open defacation as a result. The SFD female community educator working in the Cash Transfer for Nutrition project Ms. Roqaya Almonifi realized it a responsibility on her shoulder to launch an initiative and overcome this long entrenched culture especially that #cholera and malnutrition are spreading fast in Al Hodeida. Roqaya was able to convince four poor families living in one house to build a latrine, and they felt health improvement. The long rooted house of the devil was removed from the community's culture. Other 9 families were encouraged enought to create new latrines. 

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