RAWFD team supports Mukiras community empowerment ‎

The field team of (RAWFD_program) and the target Villages Cooperation Councils (VCCs) in ‎Mukiras District of Albayda Governorate completed the first phase intending to stimulate ‎conflict-affected communities to organize themselves, employ their own resources and garner ‎its individuals to meet the key basic needs and services needed by the communities. During ‎this phase, the RAWFD team helped encourage the community to form 6 VCCs and elect its 43 ‎members (11 females). ‎ These new community structures were enabled to carry out the following activities with full ‎participation of their communities:‎  updating village reports  updating plans for community initiatives  implementing 7 self-help initiatives with an estimated cost of YR 385 thousand‎  training the VCC members on awareness on the cholera epidemic, outbreak ways, and ‎methods of prevention, and the councils committed to carry out awareness campaigns ‎in their areas. ‎

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