SFD qualifies simple young workers to become development consultants

SFD qualifies simple young workers to become development consultants
In extension of an SFD-supported project of the Cash-for-Work Program that aimed at providing temporary jobs and economic and social improvement, the SFD RAWFD Program carried out a TOT project for 175 young university graduates who had been working in scrap markets in the Capital City of Sana'a. The project involved them in six training sessions on the Participatory Rapid Assessment (PRA) methodology.

The objective of the activity is enable them to provide development consultative services and support the SFD Sana'a Branch Office'  2013 Action Plan. Their mission is to identify the development needs and priorities of the communities anticipated to receive the SFD new projects.

Names and data of this group of young people will be entered into the SFD database system of consultants so that they can be nominated to work with SFD and other organizations working in development. This builds their knowledge and community capacities and improve their living status. The SFD might further train them on the community participation package.

Supervisors of the six training sessions reported on a 100% participation assessment for all participants who attended all days of the project. The trainers pointed out to the unexpected distinction of this group as the best group that they had trained in terms of interaction and participation during the training. They added that they strongly participated in asking questions, intelligently applying the tools they learned in a way that clearly reflected their absorption of the training activities and information.

It is worth mentioning that the RAWFD Program aims to rehabilitate  the recently rural university graduates and job seekers to enable them to get temporary jobs and enable them to develop their rural communities.
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